It's A Bear Of A Challenge In Lake Tahoe

It’s A Bear Of A Challenge In Lake Tahoe

Next year, James Jonsson of Utah will go after the long-held Lake Tahoe record held by Dave Canyon. Dave’s lengthwise record is 9:20 that he set in the summer of 1987.

On his marathon swimming resume, James has a track record of swimming fast in high-altitude cold-water swims, having set a similar record in Bear Lake in Utah.

The altitude, water and air temperatures and conditions of Bear Lake and Lake Tahoe are pretty similar,” predicted James. “Bear Lake’s elevation is 5,923 feet and summer temperatures range from the low 60’s (16°F)to as high as 68°F (20°C) and is 19 miles long. Lake Tahoe’s elevation is 6,225 feet and it’s summer temperatures can range from 58°F and is 22 miles long. Both lakes can be impacted by mountain breezes that can stir up the lake into frenzy. My estimation is that Lake Tahoe will be 5 to 6°F cooler than what I experienced in Bear Lake.”

I am doing this to bring attention to Organ Donation and am working with the fine people of Intermountain Donor Services. I have seen both sides of organ donation through both my father, who received a kidney in 1986, and my son who tragically passed away seven years ago and his organs helped save the lives of several people.”

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