It's Good To Be Average

It’s Good To Be Average

Paul McCoy of Pacific Swims announced that Lucas Barry and Rina Langenberg were the winners of the Mr. and Mrs. Average among the 3,328 finishers (out of 4,500 entrants and nearly 4,000 starters) at the Cole Classic in Sydney, Australia this past week.

By being the swimmers closest to the average gender time in the 2K swim, Lucas was awarded the Mr. Average award with Rina as Ms. Average. “I didn’t think ‘being average’ could feel so good,” said Lucas as he received an all-expenses-paid trip to Vanuata for the Vanuatu Ocean Swim in Port Vila on June 12th.

The Average Swimmers will be joining the Fast Swimmers: Josh Beard and Luane Rowe who won the respective 2K divisions at the Cole Classic. As a reward for their victories, Josh and Luane, the 20-year-old who also nearly won the 1K race, will also travel to 2.6K Espiritu Santo Aore Swim across the Segond Channel on their free trip to Vanuatu.

2K Men
1. Josh Beard, 24:00
2. Trent Klouzall, 25:52
3. Max Collins, 26:26

2K Women
1. Luane Rowe, 26:00
2. Claire Nicholls, 26:40
3. Claire Courtney, 28.21

1K Men
1. Tayler Fletcher-Ward, 13:38
2. Spot Anderson, 14.01
3. Lachlan Bruce, 14.39

1K Women
1. Madaleine Owen, 13:11
2. Luane Rowe, 13.20
3. Daniela Wingrave, 15.27

Additional photos of the 2010 Cole Classic at the Mosman Daily here.

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