It's The Little Things And Love That Help Make Champions

It’s The Little Things And Love That Help Make Champions

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming previously explored the parent-child relationship in open water swimming (see here).

I learned many years ago that it was best to do something dangerous and then tell Mom through photos of the event,” described channel swimmer and retired firefighter Barbara Held of San Diego, California. “It saved her needless worry and she could see that I was just fine. Sometimes less is more.”

Whether it is a child making their school team or climbing up on the Olympic podium; whether it is a son climbing onshore after a channel swim or a daughter completing her first triathlon, it is often the little things in life that remain unseen in public that aid in the child’s success.

The power and pride of motherhood and the strength that its exudes to athletes in their formative years is shown beautifully in this video:

Photo by Dr. Jim Miller above shows Alex Meyer after winning his first world open water swimming championship.

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Steven Munatones