It's a Locke ... Going To The Farallon Islands Solo

It’s a Locke … Going To The Farallon Islands Solo

Joe Locke of the Night Train Swimmers will attempt a 30-mile swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the finishing buoy in Fisherman’s Cover on the Farallon Islands on June 14th.

With the English Channel under his belt, Joe is moving on to the challenges in the Pacific Ocean.

I’m very excited to be taking on this epic challenge. With the support of the Night Train crew, and with the right conditions, we are optimistic that we can get this done. It’s ironic, in a sense, that one of the most challenging and beautiful swims in the world is right here at our doorstep.”

Challenging is certain the correct description. Joe will swim through the Red Triangle due to the historically high concentration of Great White Shark attacks.

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Steven Munatones