It's Midmar Mile Week - The World's Biggest Open Water Race

It’s Midmar Mile Week – The World’s Biggest Open Water Race

Among the celebrities participating in the 2012 Midmar Mile in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa is Martin Strel, the Big River Man.

Martin will speak about his achievements, the mental and physical preparation required, maintaining motivation for endurance achievements, goal setting, and a variety of water and environmental issues. He will also sign his books and DVDs for those who attend his speeches during Midmar Mile week.

Listen to Martin over breakfast on February 10th at 8:30 am at the Pietermaritzburg’s Golden Horse Casino.

For yet another yet, the Midmar Mile will be giving any a Toyota to one lucky winner. At the awards ceremony, 11 randomly chosen individuals are given a car key and are brought on stage. Each individual tries the key in the car. If it opens, the car is their own to keep.

Photo of Martin Strel by Skip Storch at the 2011 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in New York City.

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