It's A Sharkfest™ From Coast To Coast

It’s A Sharkfest™ From Coast To Coast

The Enviro-Sports team is introducing a number of Sharkfests™ around the USA. The inaugural Potomac River Sharkfest™ Swim will be held May 22nd, 2011.

Because the Sharkfests™ are held around America, the San Diego Sharkfest Swim will become the National Sharkfest Series Championships on October 9th.

Each overall first place winner (male and female) from every 2011 Sharkfest™ Swim wins a spot to compete in the Championships. The series includes Potomac River Sharkfest™ Swim (May 22nd), Alcatraz Sharkfest™ Swim (June 25th), Manhattan Sharkfest™ Swim (July 16th), Chicago Sharkfest™ Swim (August 20th) and the Boston Sharkfest™ Swim (August 28th) with other Sharkfest™ Swims soon coming to Washington DC, St. Augustine Florida, and Charleston South Carolina.

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Steven Munatones