IWSA Winter Swimming World Records

IWSA Winter Swimming World Records

The 13th International Winter Swimming Association World Championships will be held in Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia in the Russian city of Petrozavodsk between March 21st and 27th. For more information, visit karelia2022.ru and kareliawinterswim.ru (Russian).

With over 1,500 swimmers from over 40 countries expected to attend, it is to be expected that several existing IWSA world records will fall. The current record book is as follows for the 1000m Endurance Freestyle, 450m Endurance Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 25m Freestyle, 25m Butterfly, 25m Breaststroke, 50m Breaststroke and 100m Breaststroke.

25m Breaststroke World Records

50m Breaststroke World Records

100m Breaststroke World Records

200m Breaststroke World Records

25m Butterfly World Records

25m Freestyle World Records

50m Freestyle World Records

100m Freestyle World Records

200m Freestyle World Records

450m Endurance (Freestyle) World Records

1000m Endurance (Freestyle) World Records

Courtesy of the International Winter Swimming Association

Steven Munatones