Jack Roach, Building Champions And Championship Spirit

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ashley Twichell gave a typical description of coach Jack Roach, one of the most influential coach on the USA Swimming staff.

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a member of the USA Swimming National Team was getting to know and build a relationship with Jack Roach. Words don’t do justice to a person so special.

He is genuine, selfless and inspires everyone he comes into contact with. He has the rare and amazing ability to make everyone around him a better person. I’m forever grateful to consider him a mentor. I have no doubt that the swimmers, parents and coaches on Virginia Tide will forever be changed for the better by the influence of Jack

After years of guiding, coaching, inspiring and helping the American national team open water swimmers as well as the pool swimmers at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro, Roach has been selected as the CEO and Head Coach of TIDE Swimming in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In addition to holding pool coaching positions for over 35 years from California and Texas to high-altitude locations from Mexico City to Colorado Springs, Roach was a beach lifeguard, a veteran of the United State Marine Corps who received the Purple Heart Award, and accompanied and guided the USA national open water swim team to FINA World Championships.

Watching Jack on the pool deck or on the shoreline is to witness a true master of his craft. Jack helps create an environment for swimmers on the national team – both newcomers and veterans – to not only believe in themselves and their preparation, but he also helped instill a winning, highly positive and relentlessly enjoyable attitude among the American swimmers that ultimately helped the team win the high-point trophy at the FINA world championships,” said Steven Munatones.

For more information on his new role, visit TIDE Swimming here.

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Steven Munatones