Jacques Tuset Is Back: Château d'If Prison Island Swim

Jacques Tuset Is Back: Château d’If Prison Island Swim

Master escape artist Jacques Tuset is at it again.  · 

He explains, “I am back at Château d’If, the most famous royal fortress built on a cold, sinister and windy island in the Bay of Marseille [in France]. Serving as a prison for 400 years, it would appear that no one could escape with the exception of the fictional character Edmond Dantès in Alexandre Dumas’ Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo).

[But] since 1999, I have escaped swimming 20 times.”

He is hoping to complete another prison island swim at the Le Défi de Monte-Cristo.

For more information, visit the Prison Island Swims (s’évader à la nage) of Jacques Tuset here.

He explains, “I swim to raise funds for France Choroïdérémia, a non-profit that supports boys and men affected by a rare disease that gradually makes them lose their vision.  I also wish to raise awareness for choroideremia so that one day, all children who are affected by the disease will have a hope to be cured. This disease traps people in darkness like a prison, as prisoners are trapped into buildings when they are in jail. That’s why I’ve decided to embark on a swim challenge called “Prison Island Swims,” to escape from prisons by swimming and raise funds to fight this terrible disease.  Swimming gives me a feeling of freedom and escaping. To swim in a natural environment, without a wetsuit and without fins, gives me the sensation to be as free as the water. For the “ Prison Island Swims” project, I escape from famous prisons located on islands by swimming to the closest continental landmass, whether it’s 100 m or 25 km. 

All the money I raise goes towards www.france-choroideremie.org

Please help children affected by the disease and donate here

Pour m’aider et aider la recherche, je vous suggère de faire un don à France Choroïdérémie ou de faire la promotion de mon initiative.Les dons sont reversés par Alvarum. C’est très facile et 100% sécurisé.
Merci pour votre soutien!

Île d’If is the smallest island in the Frioul archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea about a mile offshore in the Bay of Marseille in southeastern France where Le Château d’If, a fortress and later a prison, is located.

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