Jaimie Monahan Wins 2017 Yudovin Award For Most Adventurous Swim

Jaimie Monahan Wins 2017 Yudovin Award For Most Adventurous Swim

Courtesy of Marathon Swimmers Federation, Lago Maggiore, Italy.

Jaimie Monahan is always doing the extreme whether it is ice swims in Russia, becoming an Ice Ironwoman and Ice Zero Swimmer, mid-winter workouts with the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers Club in Brooklyn, winter swimming competitions in Windermere, marathon swimming twice around Manhattan Island, or completing the first Ice Sevens in history.

But for all her exploits and achievements, the Marathon Swimmers Federation awarded the 38-year-old professional the 2017 Yudovin Award for the Most Adventurous Swim.

Her achievement – among many – was the first unassisted cross-border 37-mile (59.6 km) swim across Lago Maggiore in 24 hours 2 minutes from Tenero-Contra, Switzerland to Sesto Calende, Italy.

Lago Maggiore borders Switzerland and Italy and located north between the mountains of Piedmont and the Swiss Alps.

It has been quite a year for the two-time World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year – and her unprecedented Lago Maggiore crossing was but just one remarkable swim of many.

Photo of Jaimie Monahan courtesy of Arik Thormahlen.

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