Jamie's Swim Camp 2012

Jamie’s Swim Camp 2012

Jamie Patrick is hosting an open water swimming camp for interested marathon swimmers, channel swimmers, adventure swimmers, triathletes and anyone else who enjoys the camaraderie of swimming with others.

The first Jamie’s Swim Camp will be held at Hidden Valley Lake from May 17th-20th. The second Jamie’s Swim Camp will be held in Lake Tahoe in late June or early July. “Last year was a blast,” explained Jamie.

I hope everyone can make it again. The goal is to leave camp in better shape than you came. We will continue the tradition of our night time swim. Friends and dogs are welcome.” There will be two organized swims a day, including a night time swim. Participants can swim as much or as little as possible. One swim will be 5 miles, done at Clearlake with a support boat. The water temperature in Hidden Valley Lake, about 1 hour 45 minutes from San Francisco, is expected to be between 65-69°F (18-20°C).

For US$15 per person per day, the camp, camaraderie, and all food and drink including breakfast, lunch and catered dinners (meat or vegetarian), are included.

Some of the committed swimmers include Jamie Patrick, Lisa Nordholm, Debbie Lopker, Wendy Ingraham, Brian Patterson, Samantha Sweet, Karen Rogers, Garrett Harley, Jen Schumacher, Greg Larson, Darren Miller, Sean Harrison, JC Malick, Paul Lundgren, Jen Haase, Andrew Mahony, Beth Barnes, Chris Danesi, Rob Laurie, Emily Evans, Phil Cutti, Vito Bialla, Jim Morrill, Lynn Kubasek, Josh Green, Gordon Gridley, Goody Tyler, Rob Dumouchel and Brad Schindler.

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