Jamie's Swim Camp - Swim, Stay, Play

Jamie’s Swim Camp – Swim, Stay, Play

There is going to be a lot of experienced open water swimmers at Jamie’ Swim Camp 2.0 in Hidden Valley Lake in northern California.

Besides host and organizer Jamie Patrick, marathon swimming stars such as Gordon Gridley, Jen Schumacher, Evan Morrison, cold water specialists like Karen Rogers, Phil Cutti and Rob Dumouchel, and ultra-marathon athletes Wendy Ingraham and Paul Lundgren will be challenging themselves in the 14-20°C water.

Additionally, Lisa Nordholm, Debbie Lopker, Wendy Patrick, Brian Patterson, Samantha Sweet, Garett Harley, Greg Larson, Sean Harrison, Jen Haase, Andrew O’Mahony, Beth Barnes, Chris Danesi, Rob Laurie, Emily Evans, Phil Cutti, Vito Bialla, Jim Morrill, Lynn Kubasek (shown above in the green swim cap), Josh Green, Goody Tyler, Brad Schindler, Morgan Christian, Scott Swoboda, Stacey Kelly, Jim Alabiso, Michelle Roth Nelson, Lexie Kelly, Eileen Swanson, Steven Munatones, Cherie Edborg, Bob Needham, Dan Rogers, Erin Stone and Michelle Yan will participate.

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