Jane Gordon, Falling In Love Again

Jane Gordon, Falling In Love Again

Courtesy of Tara Diversi, Queensland, Australia.

Jane Gordon is a mother of 3 children (8-year-old Hugo, 6-year-old Archie, and 3-year-old Rupert 3). She and her family live in Brisbane, Australia.

Coached by English Channel world record holder and fellow Aussie Trent Grimsey, her window to attempt a crossing of the English Channel is July 19th-26th.

Gordon explains her goal. “Twelve months ago my life changed.

I had always been a pool swimmer, but I decided to enter in a 2 km ocean swim to get fit after having 3 children. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with open water swimming. As a goal-orientated person I started looking for a big ocean swim to train for.

It really doesn’t get much bigger than a solo swim across the English Channel.

Around the same time, we received some devastating news that my friend Jess was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer while she was pregnant with her second baby. I desperately wanted to help in some way. After much research about swimming the English Channel and lengthy discussions with my husband and local coach Trent Grimsey, I decided I would take the plunge and use the magnitude of the swim to raise much needed awareness and funds for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Training for an ultra-marathon swim is a team effort. I could not do it without the unwavering support of my husband, family and friends.

Trying to fit in the required training around a busy household and work is a juggle, but it is possible. Set yourself a goal and find a coach who is sensitive to the fact you have work and family commitments that must be given priority.

Mother’s guilt is always a factor when I have to spend time away from my family for training, but by reminding myself of the invaluable life lessons I am teaching my children by undertaking this swim, will make it all worthwhile

Shown above with Channel training partner Karlie Price

For more information about her charity crossing, visit here.

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