Janel Jorgensen McArdle Scores Twice

Janel Jorgensen McArdle Scores Twice

Janel Jorgensen McArdle, President of Swim Across America, took some time off this week to have two adorable twins: Erik and Ayden McArdle.

Swim Across America is the most prolific and impactful open water swimming charitable organization in the world, raising millions of U.S. dollars a year to help further the cause of preventing and treating cancer.

McArdle was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year award with the following nomination: “Janel Jorgensen McArdle is the manifestation of success. Intelligent, well-spoken and passionate, the former Olympic butterflyer and record holder has been a champion all her life – and now she is championing the issue of funding research to find a cure for cancer. Through Swim Across America events, her abundant energies and charisma are channeled to support cancer research that can make a difference.

Behind the scenes on a daily basis, outside the spotlight of the media, McArdle exudes hard work and dedication in helping organize swims. She is smooth and professional in front of an audience; she is educational and inspirational in front of volunteers; she is unselfish and unpretentious while doing mundane logistic work late at night and early in the morning in the process of organizing 17 open water swims. As the President of Swim Across America, she heads a national organization build upon the backs of thousands of volunteers and donors who have raised over US$42 million for cancer research, prevention and treatment. In a down economy, through her charismatic personality, depth of character and unstinting devotion, she leads an organization that continues to grow and do good year in and year out. For her generosity of spirit, for her talent in bringing people together, for her creativity in generating more donations for a just cause, Janel Jorgensen McArdle is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year

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