Japan, Expanding Internationally In The Open Water

Japan, Expanding Internationally In The Open Water

Yutaka Shinozaki founded the Japan International Open Water Swimming Association (JIOWSA).

The 14-race open water swimming series in Japan is now attracting an international following with athletes coming from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Korea, China, Taiwan and the United States to its latest addition – the International Masters Open Water Swim in Yumigahama Beach in Izu National Park south of Tokyo.

Yumigahama Beach is one of the 100 Best Beaches in Japan and one of the 100 Best Swim Beaches in Japan…and rightly so. The cove is protected from the rougher waters of the Pacific Ocean with a wide flat sand beach that is easy to navigate. The surrounding town is focused on tourism so the level of hospitality is outstanding amid the scenic beauty 70km south of Mount Fuji along the eastern coast of Japan.

From Okinawa to Honshu, Shinozaki-san and his staff and volunteers have created an enjoyable, safe, competitive open water swim series for all ages and abilities. From the pre-race beach clean-ups to comprehensive safety considerations, Shinozaki-san continues to promote and professionalize open water swimming in Japan (see his WOWSA nomination below).

Photo shows Glen Christiansen, an Olympian and renowned swimming coach, with fellow swimmers from Japan.

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