Japanese Government & Media Attention On Tokyo Bay

Japanese Government & Media Attention On Tokyo Bay

Japanese Media Attention On Tokyo Bay

Courtesy of All-Nippon News Network, Tokyo Bay, Japan.

While there is plenty of inspirational news and interesting information about the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games throughout the global media, the Japanese media is offering a significant amount of attention on the warm water temperatures and pool water quality that is found in Tokyo Bay where the Olympic triathletes and marathon swimmers and Paralympic triathletes will compete in July – August 2020.

The Japanese-language (only) information flow has been constant and comprehensive on Japanese television, magazines and newspapers and in online publications.

This week, the Tokyo governor publicly expressed her concerns about and countermeasures to help make the Odaiba Marine Park and Tokyo Bay as presentable and reasonable as possible for the Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

For more information in the Japanese media, visit here.

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