The Jaws Of Life Were In His Hands

The Jaws Of Life Were In His Hands

Perth Now reported on an incredibly courageous – and humble – act by an unknown hero who moved quickly without thought of his own safety to save a young female snorkeler from a shark on the attack near Rockingham in Western Australia.

Witnesses praised the hero’s actions who yanked on the tail of the 3-meter Great White Shark, literally saving the victim from the the jaws of death.

Despite the use of a Shark Shield, it was the intervention of a human that saved the victim. Read and hear about it here.

Perth Now wants to know who this unsung hero is. Contact Perth Now if you know who this person is so he can be nominated for Australia’s highest award for heroism.

News Update: According to Samuel Shallard who in Perth, Australia at the time, the victim reported that she was wearing a Shark Shield in clear waters, but had turned it off because there were dolphins in the area and had assumed if there were dolphins, there are no sharks. Immediately after the attack, she had enough presence of mind to turn it on and thought the use of the Shark Shield may have at least thwarted a follow-up attack on either here or her rescuer.

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Steven Munatones