Jayhawks To Defend American College Open Water Title

Courtesy of Shelley Taylor-Smith, Huntington Beach,Kansas Athletics.

The University of Kansas will host for the second consecutive year the 2nd annual 5 km College Swimming Coaches Association of America National Collegiate Open Water Championships on September 16th in Lone Star Lake.

The Kansas Jayhawks dominated the competition last year when Haley Bishop and Libby Walker tied for first with freshman Jenny Nusbaum took the bronze. All three Jayhawks will return in this year’s race. They will be joined by teammate Lauryn Parrish this time around.

UNC Asheville, Northern Michigan, George Washington, Missouri, St. Louis, Rice, Emmanuel, Albion, Southern Illinois and Richmond have enough participants to compete in the team event. The top three finishers from each team, using cross country scoring, contribute to their team’s scores. The top three teams are honored by the CSCAA, as are the top eight individual finishers.

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Women’s Start List
Catherine Allen, UNC Asheville
Rebecca Arekelian, Northern Michigan University
Gemma Atherley, George Washington University
Azra Avdic, University of Missouri
Catalina Berraud-Galea, Lynn University
Haley Bishop, University of Kansas
Sharli Brady, University of Missouri
Addie Brown, University of St Louis
Alicia Caldwell, Rice University
Lucy Castro, George Washington University
Alexandra Clark, University of Sioux Falls
Hannah Crump, Northern Michigan University
Maike Dorr, University of Sioux Falls
Sara Duarte, Emmanuel College
Courtney Evensen, University of Missouri
Katarina Ferrero, Albion University
Sarah Frantz, University of North Florida
Nicole Fuller, Southern Illinois University
Lexie Gilbert, Richmond University
Mina Glensek, University of St Louis
Nina Grone, University of Sioux Falls
Bryn Hadley, Southern Illinois University
Morgan Harkness, Emmanuel College
Megan Harvey, University of Albion
Cassidy Heaton, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Andrea Ho, George Washington University
Hanna Huston, Rice University
Lily Iler, University of St Louis
Sierra Kinworthy, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Annie Lane, Richmond University
Juana Mafla, Emmanuel College
Elaine Mahon, University of St Louis
Camila Manrique, Albion University
Virginia Marsh, Richmond University
Lindsay Mathys, Rice University
Sarah Nowaski, Rice University
Jenny Nusbaum, University of Kansas
Lauryn Parrish, University of Kansas
Nicola Pasquire, Northern Michigan University
Nicole Piercy, Richmond University
Jordan Ries, Southern Illinois University
Allison Schillinger, University of North Florida
Emma Smith, University of Connecticut
Stephanie Smith, UNC Asheville
Allison Snyder, UNC Asheville
Taylor Susa, Northern Michigan University
Lindsey Turner, University of St Louis
Kelsie Walker, Southern Illinois University
Libby Walker, University of Kansas
Olivia Wanasek, University of St Louis
Adee Weller, UNC Asheville
Emily Zhang, George Washington University
Regina Zipperer, Carson-Newman University
Kira Zubar, University of Missouri

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