Jayson Chin Helping People In And Out Of The Water

Jayson Chin Helping People In And Out Of The Water

Jayson Chin is a renowned Orthotist Prosthetist from Cape Town, South Africa who heads the Cape Amputee Clinic where all aspects of life as an amputee are addressed.

The Cape Amputee Clinic often manufactures ‘shower legs’ for amputees that can get wet and are used for showering, wadding into water and walking on the beach. For below-knee amputees, Chin and his colleagues at the Cape Amputee Clinic has manufactured prostheses for swimming training, water polo and diving.

The foot needs to be positioned optimally for the required activity or we make it adjustable to one degree, that’s either in a neutral/walking position or in a flipper/swimming position.

For an above-knee patient, the person has to walk with a straight leg, but for swimming the same applies as for below-knee amputees although suspension of the prosthesis is more challenging

Chin explains, “The function of the swimming prosthesis is very dependent on the level of the amputation and then the length of the residual limb, muscle power and persistence in retraining. In my experience, most amputees find it easier to swim without the prosthesis, but like to use it to enhance strengthening of the muscles of the amputated leg.”

Chin has worked on the prosthesis with such open water swimmers as Achmat Hassiem (shown above).

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