Jean-Luc Piens Succeeds To Honor His Son

Jean-Luc Piens Succeeds To Honor His Son

When a parent loses a child, it is a devastating loss. After Jean-Luc Piens lost his young son, he decided to attempt a swim across the English Channel to raise money for children’s cancer research.

But he was not a swimmer. However, Piens was driven and committed. He wanted to direct his energies to a worthwhile cause. Utilizing the know-how and experience of Brian Ryckeman, he started off slowly and built himself up. Today he is now swimming across the English Channel.

Everything is going according to plan. He started very well,” explains Ryckeman. “In the Channel, the tide changed a little bit so they changed the course a little bit. He was smiling so he was enjoying himself in the Channel. He started training one year ago and was very determined to make it despite his lack of experience. Before the Channel, he completed a 6-hour test in a lake and two months ago, I made him do a 8-hour test in the sea which he succeeded.”

For more information on his successful 14 hour 1 minute crossing, visit here.

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