Jeannie Zappe On Observing Caroline Block On WOWSA Live

Jeannie Zappe On Observing Caroline Block On WOWSA Live

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Jeannie Zappe recalled when Dr. Caroline Block was nearing the end of her record-setting 52 hour 24 minute 103.6 km two-way crossing of Lake George, two fishermen blared out Neil Diamond’s 1969 song Sweet Caroline.

It was a sweet feeling when Dr. Block finished her unprecedented crossing.

Left to right: Rose Buchmann, Deb Henson, Elaine Howley, Kellie Latimer, Jeannie Zappe

Zappe joined crew chief Kellie Latimer, Rose Buchmann, Elaine Howley, and Deb Henson and the team from WaterHorse Adventures including Captain James VanHeste and co-owner Kimberly VanHeste on helping, escorting, navigating and observing Dr. Block on her longest swim to date.

Zappe described the lead-up and her experiences aboard the WaterHorse Adventures escort boat on the unprecedented swim on today’s WOWSA Live.

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