Jeffrey Stuart Wins 10-mile World Championships

Jeffrey Stuart Wins 10-mile World Championships

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Kingdom Games has started in the state of Vermont and it is skewing older. Masters swimmer Jeffrey Stuart from Manchester is another one of the stalwart marathon swimmers from the state of Connecticut. The 53-year-old won the 2014 WOWSA 10-Mile World Swimming Championships in Lake Memphremagog in 4:24:17.

He held off 23-year-old Cole Gridhart of Cibolo, Texas by a minute.

Gindart describes the race, “It was quite the horse race, and our yackers were the only ones that got to see the most exciting part. Jeff had a clear lead until around mile 6 when I caught up to him. But he was not about to let me pass, so as I caught up he started to pick up the pace. He and I ended up swimming shoulder to shoulder, matching each other stroke for stroke, for about 20 minutes. Finally when I had to stop for a feed Jeff took the opportunity to put some distance between us again, and I just didn’t have enough in the tank to close the gap again after that.”

The Top 10 results:

1. Jeffrey Stuart (53) 4:24:17
2. Cole Gindhart (23) 4:25:17
3. Maury McKinney (53) 4:54:08
4. Barney Heller (60) 4:59:07
5. Flavio Pardo (46) 5:03:51
6. John Royer (31) 5:04:53
7. William Miller (49) 5:13:06
8. Kit Koenig (45) 5:22:06
9. Leigh Schmitt (41) 6:00:45
10. Brian McLaughlin (59) 6:12:59

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