Jellyfish For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner In The Future?!?

Jellyfish For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner In The Future?!?

One World One Ocean talks about what might happen if man does nothing to help repair the ocean.

For open water swimmers who expose themselves like no other demographic group does in the ocean, it is especially a nightmare scenario.

Alone without neoprene. No fins or scuba gear. No radar or GPS. Completely enveloped in the ocean without sitting on a kayak, surf board or fishing boat. Encased in a marine environment where there is no protection from stings, bites, currents, waves, swells or tides. Open water swimmers are indeed a unique marine mammal.

So when oceanographers and scientists tell society that many of the most popular seafood populations could be wiped out within 40 years, the open water swimming community understands quite profoundly this possible change. They are told that unless mankind changes its rate of consumption, the Earth is within a century — possibly even less — of a world where jellyfish are the only wild seafood option left.

They hear that the ocean is at a tipping point. Oceanographer Sylvia Earle says human actions over the next ten years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years.

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Steven Munatones