Jellyfish – It’s A Snack, Not A Sting

Courtesy of Daily Mail.

When an ocean swimmer encounters a jellyfish, the first thing they think of is a sting. The last thing they think of is a snack. That fact may change over time.

Crisps or potato chips are some of the world’s most popular snack foods. Go into any supermarket or convenience store – from Tennessee to Tokyo – and the varieties are widespread.

Mie Pederson of the University of Southern Denmark has come up with a unique core ingredient of a new kind of crisp – not from potato fields, but instead from the ocean. She created a process that uses alcohol that dries out the jellyfish in order to create a new type of crisp.

Bite into one and it gives a crunchy taste – not a seafood taste. Read more here.

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Steven Munatones