Jennifer Agnew Tops 2020 - 2021 Global Swim Series Global Rankings (Female Non-wetsuit)

Jennifer Agnew Tops 2020 – 2021 Global Swim Series Global Rankings (Female Non-wetsuit)

Courtesy of Dylan Kent, Global Swim Series.

Jennifer Agnew from Canada competed in nine Global Swim Series races throughout the 2020-2021 season to win her second Global Swim Champion title after her inaugural win in 2015-2016.

Dylan Kent explains, “Clearly this was a crazy year, with the vast majority of races cancelled or postponed.  However it was really impressive to see how many swimmers were still able to find a way to participate, either by attending the few live races or by participating in GSS Virtual Races. While many of us looked on enviously at those that were able to put some kind of a season together, it truly was inspiring and motivational to see, because we are now seeing more and more races reestablish their races for this season, so we will all be able to get back in the water soon!  We welcome all these races and the swimmers back to the Global Swim Series for the new season.We have taken this slower period to look at how to help races rebuild and also how to grow the GSS… so get ready for some unprecedented changes and new adventures with your new and old swimming buddies.  We have some surprises to announce soon.”

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2020-2021 Male Non-Wetsuit Division Rankings

RankNameCountryGenderAge GroupPoints# of Races
1Jennifer AgnewCanadaF50-59567.169
2Kathie StobbsNew ZealandF60-69461.637
3Chloe HaddonNew ZealandF19&U441.395
4Camilla BertoliniItalyF30-39437.665
5Helen AdamsNew ZealandF60-69437.076
6Raewyn BrownNew ZealandF50-59422.765
7Isabelle GrecoffCanadaF19&U415.665
8Rebecca RockeNew ZealandF40-49367.095
9Caitlin O’reillyNew ZealandF19&U360.774
10Catherine ConnorNew ZealandF50-59318.835
11Emilia FinerNew ZealandF19&U283.063
12Michelle RushNew ZealandF50-59273.444
13Annie JonesNew ZealandF40-49265.374
14Rachel RichardsonNew ZealandF40-49261.403
15Allison KearneyNew ZealandF30-39258.843
16Alicia OswaldNew ZealandF19&U251.183
17Jacqueline HooleNew ZealandF40-49250.905
18Kristy BrackstoneAustraliaF40-49248.001
19Brianna ThompsonAustraliaF20-29245.001
20Jane PayAustraliaF30-39244.001
21Rosie WoodAustraliaF20-29243.001
22Ailish ThompsonNew ZealandF20-29241.634
23Lindsay CowieAustraliaF30-39239.001
24Brenda NormanAustraliaF40-49236.001
25Jodie MillarAustraliaF40-49235.001
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