Jennifer Figge Keeps A Smile On Her Face

Jennifer Figge Keeps A Smile On Her Face

Jennifer Nobis Figge was the first to ski an area of fresh snow before anyone else, enjoying herself and the snowy wonderland in Aspen in her native state of Colorado.

But one thing led to another and she crashed, fracturing her femur and hip in four places.

I thought it was just a muscle spasm and told the ski patrol to just leave me,” the AC4 endurance athlete explained. “I was certain that I would be able to get up in a few minutes. Well, I would still be lying there if they had not helped me. So I am now full of titanium. My only regret is that I should have told the surgeon to make the incisions look like shark bites. That would have been so cool.”

It takes a one extremely tough endurance athlete to equate a fractured femur and hip with a muscle spasm.

And most probably only a die-hard ocean swimmer would want her scars to look like a shark bite.

Three weeks after her surgery, Figge is now recovering and rehabilitating in the pool in the warmer climate of Palm Springs, California.

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