Jennifer Figge Soon Headed West

Jennifer Figge Soon Headed West

Jennifer Figge remains on the island of Sal in Cape Verde off the western coast of Africa waiting for Captain Tamas and crew to arrive.

Soon after their arrival expected within 3 days, Figge will head off on her fourth continuous stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean where she combines swimming and boarding her boat across the wide expanse of the ocean.

Tomorrow I fly over to Sao Vicente where they will come in to Mindelo Harbor in a few days. There are gorgeous beaches in Sal and a shining sea to swim in. Cheers from Africa.”

Imagine the sense of freedom and the possibilities of fear in any swim that would take place so far from land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where anything can go wrong despite so many things going right. We will follow her program – both in the water and on her escort boat.

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