Jessi Harewicz, 30 Hours Plus All Kinds Of Adventure

Jessi Harewicz, 30 Hours Plus All Kinds Of Adventure

Courtesy of CBC Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Jessi Harewicz started her journey in the open water with a wetsuit and is now continuing without neoprene.

Her story is inspirational and enjoyable to see.  Since earning the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and doing all kinds of swims in British Columbia, Harewicz became the first person to swim 60 km from Nanaimo to Vancouver.  Her swim took 30 hours 13 minutes as sanctioned by the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

She said, “I am just happy I did it. I can now say ‘I swam everything I can see from Our bay in Vancouver’: Bowen island, Georgia Straits long route..and swam all the coastal beaches (beach-to-beach).”

Her story – prior to today’s pioneering success – was captured beautifully by director Edward Andrews, producer Mack Stannard, cinematographer Leonardo Harim, co-producer Carlo Wein, camera operator Momme Halbe, 1st AC Sam Barringer, sound mixer Jedd Quinn, colour editor Sam Gilling, editor Edward Andrews, and drone operator Carlo Wein.

For a video of her swim by BT Breakfast, visit here.

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