Jessica Wiseman Addresses Mermaid Madness

Jessica Wiseman Addresses Mermaid Madness

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jessica Wiseman is a lifelong swimmer from Murray, Utah and an aquapreneur who created a mermaid-like mono fins – durable and comfortable swim fins for all ages.

Her desire to invent and create things is apparently genetic. “My father and grandfather are inventors. My grandfather, Lyle J. Martinsen started in the 1950s or 60s when he started inventing drilling technologies. But he and my dad had a lot of fun and he has patents for things like a device to peel citrus fruit, credit card pocket books, and the Softalk Shoulder rest.

My dad Stewart L Martinsen has patents like a way to stop floors from squeaking and the daddy saddle

With those genes under her swim cap, creativity oozes in her veins. “Most monofins have a typical scuba-type foot pocket made of flexible, yet stiff rubber and a foot strap that runs around the back of the heels. In our experience, this strap was really prone to breaking and often (despite padding) chaffed painfully, both the strap and the stiff pockets would cause blisters. Our training fin blades in high school were covered with bandaids around the foot openings and we all had blisters and calluses. As an older teen and through my adult years, I’d power through the pain, often employing neoprene socks to help, but when I started my kids swimming and the monofins I bought them hurt their feet too, it was a different story. I didn’t want them to be discouraged from swimming while we waited for calluses to form.”

So she created Sun Tail Mermaid. Her integration of a sturdy, unbreakable plastic blade with a modified neoprene pocket that keeps the feet secure and blister-free is ideal for the growing market of swimmable mermaid tails.

Wiseman says, “I loved the workout I got with a monofin, but was tired of fins that hurt my feet or broke.” So true to her roots from a family with over 20 issued patents, she made something. “It not only provides a great core workout for me, it even helps little ones learn to swim faster and with more confidence.”

Her Kickstarter campaign for the Sun Tail Mermaid is here. Her website is here.

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