Jim Dreyer And The Mighty Mac Swim

Jim Dreyer And The Mighty Mac Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Fighting back from a rotator cuff injury, Jim Dreyer will attempt his most strenuous aquatic feat of strength to date on August 15th. The event, postponed from July 4th, will have Dreyer attempting to pull a new Lincoln MKC on a barge while swimming 3.58 miles to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron.

The weight of his unusual cargo is 16.5 tons.

The swim is scheduled to start at 6:00 a.m., and will take place between just outside the swimming area of the American Legion Memorial Beach in St. Ignace and the docks at British Landing on Mackinac Island. The direction of the swim could change, depending on conditions.

Pulling a vehicle to an island where cars are not allowed may be an ironic twist.

But Dreyer will be pulling the barge filled with Mackinac Island’s most famous export … fudge.

The swim, called the Pfeiffer Lincoln Murdick’s Fudge Run, has the support of sponsors and swimmers of Labor Day’s Mighty Mac Swim, who collectively are responsible for raising US$270,000 to date, for the revitalization of Michigan neighborhoods through Habitat for Humanity.

Pfeiffer Lincoln has donated a 2-year lease on the Lincoln MKC Dreyer will be pulling on the barge. The vehicle will be raffled off at the finish line of the Mighty Mac Swim on Labor Day. Mighty Mac swimmers have been selling raffle tickets for the car, The Original Murdick’s Fudge Company has teamed with Pfeiffer Lincoln to give away a half-pound box of fudge for every raffle ticket sold in special promotions.

The Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry is conducting two Jim The Shark Dreyer Cruises where passengers get a free raffle ticket as part of their cruise berth, while getting up close and personal with Dreyer’s world record attempt.

I’ve been working real hard and the shoulder is doing pretty good,” Dreyer said. “I don’t expect it to be 100%, but the most powerful muscle in your body figuratively, is your heart. The mission of Habitat for Humanity is close to my heart and larger than I, and therefore also larger than this obstacle. Pain won’t stop me. As long as the shoulder is functional, I will swim.

Our fundraising success has been a team effort. I don’t want to let anyone down and I plan to put on a good show. My event however, just sets the stage for the big show on Labor Day … The Mighty Mac Swim. Let’s not forget that these 84 fine athletes, who will be swimming across the Straits of Mackinac, are the real heroes for making a difference in improving lives for Michigan families, while doing something extraordinary.”

For more information on the Pfeiffer Lincoln Murdick’s Fudge Run, to follow Dreyer’s progress during the swim, and to learn more about sponsor promotions please go online to www.JimTheSharkDreyer.com. For more information on the Mighty Mac Swim, the swimmers and fundraising for Habitat for Humanity, visit www.MightyMacSwim.com.

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