Joel Matos Ortiz To Start Swim Across Caribbean

Joel Matos Ortiz To Start Swim Across Caribbean

Courtesy of WOWSA, Caribbean Sea.

Joel Matos Ortiz is on a bumpy boat ride to his starting point at Jost Van Dyk in the British Virgin Islands .

From the Virgin Islands, Matos will attempt to swim 100 km to Ceiba, Puerto Rico on May 24th in his RSOT Swim Across The Caribbean. His team is organized by coach, paddler and nutritionist Randy Soler.

This is an event for the benefit of the children’s foundation San Jorge and an official Guinness World Records attempt.  For more information and to follow Matos’ progress, visit here.

If successful, Matos’ swim will be celebrated at the Open Water Summit in Redondo Beach on October 5th at the Guinness World Records celebration.

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