Joel Matos Strokes for Inclusion in Puerto Rico

Joel Matos Strokes for Inclusion in Puerto Rico

“Brazadas por la Inclusión” (Strokes for The Inclusion) is a swimming marathon event celebrated to raise funds for Special Olympics Puerto Rico.

The fourth (4th) edition of this event will be celebrated on February 19th-26th, 2022. The public will be able to support and participate registering for the event on the website of the organization:

People will be able to participate in person or remotely. In this occasion the event will have the participation of the Triple Crowner marathon swimmer Joel Matos Ortiz, who has completed some of the most dangerous open water swimming routes, along his ultra-swimming sport career. On the “Brazadas” event of 2020, Matos became the first Puerto Rican to swim 30 consecutive hours in a pool.

Matos was named official ambassador of Special Olympics Puerto Rico and helped raise over $70,000 in funds for the organization, during the three years that the event has been celebrated.

Beside the great effort done through Brazadas por la Inclusión, Matos took his effort to a higher level, when he completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, while raising funds and creating conscience about Special Olympics Puerto Rico. Matos is the first person of the Caribbean region and Puerto Rico to complete the Triple Crown. He completed the Triple Crown within 27 days, breaking the record of 34 days, previously established by American Patrick McKnight.

On this occasion, Matos will attempt to establish a new world record, swimming 200 kilometers during a week in a 50-meter pool. Official World Record will oversee the event and will evaluate and ratify his feat. Matos is planning to swim between 8-10 hours daily, completing over 30 kilometers daily for seven consecutive days.