Joel Matos To Attempt #50x25

Joel Matos To Attempt #50×25

Joel Matos To Attempt #50×25

Courtesy of Randy Soler, Caribbean Sea.

Starting on July 31st Joel Matos is planning a 50 km charity swim along the north coast of Puerto Rico (from Fajardo-Carolina) to raise money for Fundación de Niños San Jorge (kids with cancer).

His swim, called #50×25 for the 50 km distance celebrating the 25 years of Fundación de Niños San Jorge.

In addition, another group of athletes are joining Matos on his challenge.

Jorge Quintana will do a prone paddle over the same route. Ultra runner Patsy Ramirez Arroyo will run the same 50 km route on dryland in the streets. Giovanny Figueroa will walk for 10 hours in a training walk for Mount Everest. Concurrently, Conservacion Consciencia foundation will do a beach cleanup.

We want to raise money and help kids who are suffering from cancer and the needs they have.”

Matos knows what he loves to do, “In the water, I have found my life’s purpose.

The love and passion I feel for the water and open water swimming, along with the desire to help families who battle each day for their children with disabilities and sickness. I witness daily their battles and challenges. My desire is to be able to complete swims of long distances, which represent a physical and mental challenge for me, with which I can demonstrate them my solidarity with these families and children, letting them know that is possible to achieve goals that most people wouldn’t even try.”

For more information, visit #50×25.

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