John Becker, Blakeley Bunch Win Swim Hobbs Island

Film courtesy of Huntsville Madison County Rescue Squad, Inc. and Ali Meeks, Tennessee River, Alabama.

53-year-old John Becker won the 5-mile Swim Hobbs Island for the second year in a row.

30-year-old Blakeley Bunch who swam for Auburn University and raced at the USA Olympic Trials, won the charity swim through the Tennessee River.

Our top winner for the masters swimming division men is one of our local swim coaches for Huntsville Swim Association, David Kalange,” described race director Ali Meeks. “12-year-old Brooke Dixon took first overall in the non-wetsuit 1-mile for the women. The top three males in the 1-mile swim were 16, 11, and 10 years old, respectively: Thomas Pritchard, Rocco Rissman, and David Hammond.

Thomas is pursuing a goal with his mother of swimming at least a 1-mile open water swim events in each of the 50 [American] states

1-mile Race Winners by Division
F10-39 Brooke Dixon 25:49.4
F40-100 Megan Gibbons 27:14.7
FW10-100 Suzanne Erickson 31:48.1
M10-39 Thomas Pritchard 21:53.3
M40-100 Justin Rock 25:51.5
MW10-100 John Butterfield 39:05.7

2-mile Race Winners by Division
F10-39 Rebecca Ferguson 53:11.8
F40-100 Michele Crook 54:01.6
FW10-100 Stephanie Carr 1:10:44.4
M10-39 Jack Kennedy 50:35.5
M40-100 David Kalange 53:57.7
MW10-100 Jason Sabio 54:11.4

5-mile Female Results
1 Blakeley Bunch 1:58:14.7
2 Jessica Wood 2:40:57.1
3 Libba Vaughan 2:43:01.5
4 Vanessa Holland 2:46:41.4
5 Suzanne Taylor 3:04:30.7
6 Karen Stuckey 3:20:40.2
7 Mimi Hughes 3:20:44.1
DNF Jill Falling

5-mile Male Results
1 John Carl Becker 2:14:34.3
2 Daniel Montiel 2:17:01.1
3 Cooper Womack 2:18:27.7
4 Finn Fitzsimmons 2:25:04.3
5 Russell Roberts 3:18:21.1
6 Juan Negron 3:21:08.0
7 Timothy Smith 3:38:48.9
8 Richard Wood 3:56:30.3
9 Patrick Brock 4:40:12.6

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