John Kuzmkowski Is Holding His Own Against Youth

John Kuzmkowski Is Holding His Own Against Youth

59-year-old John Kuzmkowski is still swimming over 10,000 meters per day – every day – and is hanging on to the leader of the U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance program.

Kuzmkowski, a small business owner and dedicated swimmer from the Allegheny Masters Team in Pennsylvania, is 59 years old and is nearly going stroke-for-stroke with Konstantin Rosich, who is less than a third of his age. Kuzmkowski finished second in the 2012 U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance competition with 1,700 miles (2,735 km) swum (or an average of 7.49 km per day).

But he is remains in second during the 2013 campaign even as he bumped up his mileage significantly against much younger competition.

But, Kuzmkowski is setting a pretty high standard. Barring an injury or illness, he is well on his way to averaging over a marathon swim (10,000 meters) every day of the year.

In the Go The Distance program managed by U.S. Masters Swimming, thousands of adults track their pool and open water swimming distance swum on a daily basis. Speed does not count – just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself. And Kuzmkowski is doing just that.

1. Konstantin Rosich (18) 950.17 miles (1,528 km or 11,660m per day)
2. John Kuzmkowski (59) 882 miles (1,419 km or 10,830m per day
2. Timothy Martin (48) 726.40 miles (1,168 km or 8,910m per day)
3. Lexie Kelly (26) 616.44 miles (991 km or 7,560m per day)
4. Karen Eldred (30) 563.78 miles (906 km or 6,910m per day)
5. Eric Mulkey (58) 490.34 miles (788 km or 6,015m per day)
7. Harriet Wall (71) 470.06 miles (756 km or 5,770m per day)
8. Robert Young (56) 448.87 miles (720 km or 5,490m per day)
9. Charles Herrick (53) 439.28 miles (706 km or 5,380m per day)
10. Brian McLaughlin (58) 429.93 miles (690 km or 5,260m per day)
11. Thomas Schwartz (53) 421.93 miles (679.03 km or 5,180m per day)
12. Andy Seretan (60) 421.25 miles (677.93 km or 5,170m per day)

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