John Scott Talks Optimizing Human Capital On WOWSA Live

John Scott Talks Optimizing Human Capital On WOWSA Live

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John Scott has a lot to share with the swimming community after a lifetime of training, competing and exploring his potential in the pool and open water. He talk about his career and his perspective on today’s WOWSA Live.

The former competitive swimmer from Toronto, Canada served as Chairman of the 1997 Special Olympics World Winter Games, and as a Swim Master, pace swimmer or crew member for many on Lake Ontario, Lake Simcoe, Lake Erie, Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, and the Catalina Channel.

In 1994, Scott was a force in creating the plaque at Niagara-on-the-Lake to recognize the swimmers who have crossed Lake Ontario.

Scott profoundly believes that everyone possesses a unique combination of resources and can optimize their own human capital that he spoke about on this WOWSA Live episode. He will address topics should as “More Great, Less Grind” in future WOWSA Live episodes.

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