John Zemaitis Describes Swimming To His Own Beat On WOWSA Live

John Zemaitis Describes Swimming To His Own Beat On WOWSA Live

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Older brother Joe Zemaitis and younger brother John Zemaitis of Arizona have done all kinds of marathon swims, charity swims, channel swims, and stage swims from Hawaii to Northern Ireland over the last several years.

They had done tandem swims up to 644 km per year.

North Channel, Manhattan Island, Catalina Channel, Molokai Channel, English Channel, SCAR, Monterey Bay, Hudson River (8 Bridges,20 Bridges, and 40 Bridges), Lanai to Molokai to Maui, Farallon Islands, Sea of Galilee, Loch Ness and Lake Zürich are among their swimming achievements.

But the two brothers have completely different training methodologies and preparation strategies. While Joe, author of Joe’s Rules, trains hard and swims frequently, John, an alumnus of Arizona State University, is the polar opposite. John explains his style and philosophy on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

I have never met a marathon swimmer like John. He is truly unique,” says Steven Munatones. “What he does and what he does not do is certainly not part of any standard training manual or recommendations. It is remarkable to see his achievements given his lack of traditional training. Conversely, John has decades of an intense competitive swimming background and big swim memory – so he makes it happen and it obviously works for him.”

John recalls a conversation with escort pilot Andy King as he completed a successful crossing of the English Channel:

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