Join The Masses In Beautiful Kenting, Taiwan

Join The Masses In Beautiful Kenting, Taiwan

The world’s largest open water mass participation swim is held in Taiwan – the 3.3K Sun Moon Lake International Swim Carnival – but Taiwan is also home to other large mass participation swims where communal enjoyment in tropical waters and post-swim fraternization with like-minded athletes – not competition – are the primary purposes of the event.

The 3K Kenting Sea Swim is held in April in the beautifully tropical Kenting National Park at the southernmost part of Taiwan. The swim is a 1.5K straight out to the Pacific Ocean and back.

The fun mass participation swim attracts up to 4,000 participants annually with water always above 20°C (68°F).

For travel and logistical information, foreign visitors to Taiwan can contact Mark Roche, an Irishman who has been living in Taiwan for 18 years and provided guided tours to endurance runs, swims, bike races and triathlons at Blue Skies Adventures.

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