Jonathan Knott Recommends Global Swimming Holidays

Jonathan Knott Recommends Global Swimming Holidays

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Jonathan Knott, a UK-based journalist who has written about travel and swimming for publications including the Guardian, the Telegraph and H2Open Magazine.

Knott has launched providing information and advice on swimming holidays across the world.

Knott explains, “The website focuses on organised swimming holidays, which are divided into three categories: guided swimming tours, mass open water events, and courses or training camps. Users of the site can search a directory of holidays using these categories, as well as ‘kind of water’ and ‘part of the world’.

Holidays can also be found on interactive maps with over 50 holidays listed. From Arizona to the Arctic Circle, the directory is constantly expanding and includes news, advice articles, and profiles of swimmers.

Knott explains, “The growth in popularity of swimming holidays meant that a website providing reliable information had value both to newcomers and veteran swimming tourists. There are many different kinds of swimming holiday and new options are springing up all the time. I want the site to inspire people to consider a swimming holiday, and then help them choose the right one. While swimming holidays are still seen by many as a niche activity, the concept had great potential for growth.

The increasing popularity of swimming holidays seems to be part of a broader trend. People are seeking out more unusual holiday experiences where they can engage with a region’s nature and culture.

Swimming is the UK’s most popular participation sport and is accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. Its low barriers to entry are helping it gain ground on traditionally popular holiday activities like skiing and walking

Knott is offering a competition to win a 1-day swimming holiday on the River Arun in Sussex, England with Coningham-Rolls Swimming Holidays. Five others will win £15 vouchers for use at swimming kit retailer Mailsports. Swimming Holidays readers can also claim 10% off any order at another retailer, Simply Swim.

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