Jose Diaz And Carolina Fernandez Join Together In The Open Water

Jose Diaz And Carolina Fernandez Join Together In The Open Water

Jose Diaz, the writer and visionary behind Nadandolibre is getting married in September to Carolina Fernandez, another fitness professional.

She has a degree in physiotherapy, but her passion for the sport has led to a much more active life. We will celebrate a special holiday in the seaside Mediterranean cuisine. Our wedding ceremony will take place in La Manga del Mar Menor which is very special to us because it is a place to go swimming and diving regularly.”

Jose will appear on next week’s Open Water Wednesday as its special guest.

Having a similar effect as his Irish colleague, Donal Buckley, the open water swimming world comes alive when Jose colorfully describe its heroes and heroines on his bilingual Nadandolibre blog.

For Nadando libre – or swimming free – is what Jose is passionate about. His love and appreciation of movement in the water – for fitness and competition, for Olympians and young children – are incredibly deep. Jose writes well and writes often. He delves into the soul of the open water swimmer and helps us understand their psyche and their motivations.

His questions penetrate the cloak of invincibility. He draws out their opinions, worries and outlook that is both entertaining and refreshing to learn.

It is clear that Jose has a profound understanding of the physical demands and mental toll of marathon swimming on one’s mind and body. And Jose most definitely demonstrates a comprehensive vision of the future of the sport.

His one-on-one interviews with the contemporary greats of the sport range from channel champion Penny Palfrey to world champion David Meca. From Spain to America, his online prose spans the globe. Both prepared in English and Spanish, Jose’s bilingual information of exceptional aquatic adventures is a joy to receive and to read. Learn what motivates Jose during next week’s Open Water Wednesday. Open Water Wednesday.

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