Jose Diaz's 5000 Open Water Swimming Friends

Jose Diaz’s 5000 Open Water Swimming Friends

Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre reached 5,000 friends on Facebook.

Our 5,000 Open Water Nadandolibre Facebook friends come from around the planet who are somehow related to swimming in the open water.”

To Nadandolibre, established in a landlocked city as Madrid without large bodies of water to enjoy, can enjoy getting to feel and live the lifestyle of open water swimming, all in search of success. What is the success?

Success requires desire, courage, determination and a lifetime of work. Success comes to a person who is able to give his or her life’s work to something that love,” says Jose.

And open water swimming is something that Jose obviously loves and is very successful at doing, researching, coaching and promoting.

One of his Facebook friends is Matías Ola who Jose talks about here.

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