Jose Luis Larrosa Wins Perhentian Island Marathon Swim

Jose Luis Larrosa Wins Perhentian Island Marathon Swim

Jose Luis Larrosa Wins Perhentian Island Marathon Swim

Courtesy of Jose Luis Larrosa, Pulau, Perhentian Besar, Malaysia.

Yesterday, 37-year-old Jose Luis Larrosa of Spain won the Perhentian Island Marathon Swim, a 16 km circumnavigation swim held around Pulau, Perhentian Besar, Malaysia in 4 hours 7 minutes.

The event with 25 participants in the solo race, 10 two-person teams in the duo race, and 5 teams in the 4-person category is the second-to-last race on the 2018 Malaysia Open Water Swimming Series.

Larrosa said after the race, “I couldn’t enjoy more this event with friends, workmates and swimmates. I want to extend my congratulations to all the swimmers in the solo division, duo division, relay teams and in the 4 km race.

It was a perfect event

2018 Malaysia Open Water Swimming Series
* Port Dickson Open Water Swimming I: 200m, 800m, 2000m, 2000m relay in February
* Kelab Tasik Putrajaya MOWS Challenge: 300m kids, 1900m, 3800m in May
* Port Dickson Open Water Swimming II: 250m kids, 800m, 1500m, 3000m in July
* Bukit Merah Lake: 200m kids, 1500m, 3000m in August
* Perhentian Island Marathon Swim: 4 km solo, 16 km solo, duo and team in October
* Putrajaya Swimfest – Finale: 300m kids, 1000m, 2000m, 4000m, 8000m on November 5th

Perhentian Island Marathon Swim Results:
1. Jose Luis Larrosa Charro4 hours 7 minutes 20.26 seconds
2. Jessie Wong Toh Shing 4 hours 51 minutes 25.49 seconds [first woman]
3. Stijn Paul Agaytant 4 hours 55 minutes 22.88 seconds
4. Barbara Pirstinger 4 hours 55 minutes 35.07 seconds [second female]
5. Raquel Gomez Zapater 5 hours 2 minutes 28.48 seconds [third woman]
6. Ana Villaneuva Penacoba 5 hours 9 minutes 28.84 seconds [fourth woman]
7. Stephen James Jestico 5 hours 29 minutes 28.37 seconds
8. Nicholas William Froy 5 hours 32 minutes 54.33 seconds
9. Alessandra Rossi Cima 5 hours 35 minutes 42.98 seconds [fifth woman]
10. Oliver Worsley 5 hours 38 minutes 26.30 seconds
11. Charin Cheungsirakulvit 5 hours 42 minutes 56.06
12. Derek Bulstrode 5 hours 59 minutes 23.02 seconds
13. Claire Elizabeth Parsons 6 hours 3 minutes 9.31 seconds [sixth woman]
14. Tee Hui Sheng 6 hours 32 minutes 20.04 seconds
15. Minseog Yang 6 hours 37 minutes 24.64 seconds
16. Mohammed Sofia Ismail 6 hours 41 minutes 56.67 seconds
17. Emily Huelsermann 6 hours 42 minutes 10.95 seconds [seventh woman]
DNF Katrin Buchta
DNF Angelia Ong Su Lin
DNF Inoue Motohiro
DNF Soh Tuck Chuen Bernard
DNF Norman Seah Yen Kang
DNF Tang Siew Kwan
DNF Thong Kok Leong

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