Joseph Heß Down The Elbe, 620 km In 10 Days

Joseph Heß Down The Elbe, 620 km In 10 Days

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Starting tomorrow, Joseph Heß studies hard as a Ph.D. student at Technische Universität Chemnitz. But he is taking some time to explore his native Germany during his summer break.

Heß plans to swim down the Elbe, 620 km from the Czech border with Germany to Hamburg, Germany in 10 days. The German swimmer’s plan for the 10-day stage swim journey is as follows:

Stage 1 on August 4th, 68 km from Bad Schandau to Radebeul [total distance: 68 km]
Stage 2 on August 5th, 71 km from Radebeul to Belgern [total: 139 km]
Stage 3 on August 6th, 73 km from Belgern to Lutherstadt Wittenberg [total: 212 km]
Stage 4 on August 7th, 64 km from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Aken [total: 276 km]
Stage 5 on August 8th, 49 km from Aken to Magdeburg [total: 325 km]
Stage 6 on August 9th, 63 km from Magdeburg to Tangermünde [total: 388 km]
Stage 7 on August 10th, 66 km from Tangermünde to Wittenberge [total: 454 km]
Stage 8 on August 11th, 50 km from Wittenberge to Dömitz [total: 504 km]
Stage 9 on August 12th, 65 km from Dömitz to Lauenburg [total: 569 km]
Stage 10 on August 13th, 51 km from Lauenburg to Hamburg [total: 620 km]

To follow his 10-day stage swim, follow him here. For more information about Heß, visit his website here.

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