Joseph Locke Completes His Goal From The Farallones

Joseph Locke Completes His Goal From The Farallones

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Word out of Northern California has it that Joseph Locke became the second person in history to swim from Farallones and the Golden Gate Bridge in a swim that took nearly 14 hours.

No one has tried to tackle this mighty stretch of cold water than the former Harvard swimmer. Time and time again, he trained, recruited a crew, and attempted only to fall short.

Not today.

He finally made the breakthrough and completed a swim under the auspices of the Farallon Island Swimming Federation and became the fourth person overall to complete a swim from the Farallon Islands after Stuart Evans, Ted Erikson and Craig Lenning.

That’s the definition of insanity – trying the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result,” said Locke after his swim. “The actually time was 13:50ish. Never had my ass kicked so hard in the water.”

Evan Morrison, the official observer, confirmed that Locke swam from South Farallon Islands to the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a straight-line distance of 29.7 statute miles. The official time is 13 hours 58 minutes – which was about 40 minutes faster than Ted Erikson’s record swim in 1967.

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