The Jury Is Out - Vote For Alannah

The Jury Is Out – Vote For Alannah

Alannah Jury, who swam perhaps one of the most courageous races at the 2009 World Swimming Championships, is competing on another level now.

At the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Alannah Jury’s goggles were knocked off by another swimmer during the 10K race.

Alannah continued to swim heroically and without panic in the salt water until her coach, Philip Rush, was able to throw her a pair of goggles at the next feeding station. She took time to put on her second pair of goggles and fought valiantly to finish 13th, only 23.9 seconds out of a gold medal.

After watching her heroics, we are happy to vote for Alannah at the New Zealand AMP Scholarship Programme where you can vote for Alannah to win a AMP scholarship.

AMP helps deserving and inspiring Kiwis who have the passion and determination to achieve their goals. This year, the AMP Scholarships Programme is offering a helping hand to the tune of $200,000.

It’s your chance to help a fellow open water swimming.

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Steven Munatones