Kaiwi Channel Swim 2.0 Mirrors The 1.0 Race

Kaiwi Channel Swim 2.0 Mirrors The 1.0 Race

Swimming towards the Finish on Oahu

Off the Start of Molokai

The Desolated Start on Molokai

Kaiwi Channel Swim 2.0 Mirrors The 1.0 Race

Courtesy of Quinn Fitzgerald, Molokai Channel, MolokaiOahu, Hawaii.

The Kaiwi Channel Swim 2.0 was almost a mirror of the inaugural Kaiwi Channel Swim which pitted The Youngsters versus The Veterans in August 24th 2013.

This year’s race on August 28th saw a close race between the Olympic Club’s Women’s Team (including Naoko Watanabe, Felicia Lee, Elyssa Pedote, Allison Arnold, Christine Olson, and Christine Hughes) against the Olympic Club’s Men’s Team (including Blake Wheale, Mazen Aziz Metwaly, Harrison Tingler, Quinn Fitzgerald, Matthew Talmadge, and Matthew Korman).

It was neck-and-neck for most of the 42 km course from Molokai to Oahu, but the men pulled away towards the end finishing in 10 hours 37 minutes with the women finishing in 10 hours 46 minutes.

Quinn will describe to those who wish to take part of the Kaiwi Channel Swim 3.0 at the WOWSA Ocean Fest in Redondo Beach in Southern California on October 5th – 6th.

I am super proud of our two Olympic Club relay teams who suffered jellyfish stings and swells to swim across the deepest and longest channel in the Oceans Seven. Captain Mike Twigg-Smith and escort kayaker Shelley Oates-Wilding were with the women and Captain Steve Shoda and prone paddler Ricardo Urbina were with the men.

Next up for us is the English Channel
,” explained Fitzgerald who is organizing the Olympic Club teams to tackle all seven channels of the Oceans Seven as relays. Both teams completed their Catalina Channel relays last year.

For more information on the WOWSA Ocean Fest, visit www.wowsaoceanfest.com.

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