Kane Radford And Melissa Gorman From Down Under Rise To Top

Kane Radford of New Zealand boomeranged out of the cove at Angel Island and hedged his bets that a conservative course was the best bet in the 12th annual RCP Tiburon Mile. But once Kane was out in the middle of the channel between Angel Island and the Marin County town of Tiburon, he let it all hang out. While Russian rival Vladimir Dyatchin sprinted off to the left with fellow former winner Trent Grimsey, Kane was going mano-a-Mano with Australian Codie Grimsey. Stroke for stroke, the men from Down Underput on quite a show with each one alternatively inching into the lead. But it was Kane who gained the upper hand over the final few meters to win the US$10,000 first prize.

But the performance of the day had to go to former world champion and RCP Tiburon Mile winner Melissa Gorman. After hanging with the mass of masculine arms in the crowded start off Angel Island, Melissa found herself right on the heels of Kane, Codie and third place Ryan Napoleon. The experienced Aussie has the navigational IQ and strength to draft expertly off the men and finish fourth place overall, the highest finish for women in the history of the event.

Meanwhile runner-up Ashley Twitchell had run up into the rocks near the start and was playing catch-up with eventual fourth-place Emily Brunemann. With blood streaming down her forearm, the 2011 world championship gold medalist (in the 5K Team Pursuit) put up a good chase, but Meliissa had the draft and the speed to hold off all comers today.

The 12th annual race was filmed by Gold Medal Mel Stewart who is producing a program on the race that wil be broadcast to over 66 million households in the United States and a number of other countries. The race will also be the cover story of Swimming World Magazine’s November issue.

Top 10 Results:

1, Kane Radford 18:58
2. Codie Grimsey 19:01
3. Ryan Napoleon 19:19
4. Eric Nilsson 19:36
5. Vincent Donnely 19:41
6. Michael Sheil 19:55
7. Bradley Cline 20:07
8 Mohamed Serour 20:34
9. Sam Metz 20:38
10. Trent Grimsey 20:42

1. Melissa Gorman 19:20
2. Ashley Twitchell 19:40
3. Christine Jennings 19:54
4. Emily Brunemann 19:57
5. Brooke Lorentzen 20:30
6. Liane Rowe 20:39
7. Catherine Breed 20:41
8. Caitlin Leverenz 21:01
9. Monica Dudley 21:22
10. Taylor Narfria 21:27

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Steven Munatones