Karah Nazor's Idyllic Swim In Tennessee

Karah Nazor’s Idyllic Swim In Tennessee

Tennessee marathon swimmer Karah Nazor continues to out-do herself.

After completing the English Channel, we wanted to do more for the sport. She is one of the few individuals who is capable of not only organizing one of the largest and most popular marathon swims in America, but also being competitive in the same race at the same time.

Her vision of open water swimming continues to expand and prosper.

With the C.O.W.S. pod (Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers) attracting local swimmers from all backgrounds, her Swim the Suck, an idyllic 10-mile river swim along the Tennessee River Gorge in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is also attracting swimmers from throughout the United States.

She announced the participants in the Swim the Suck 2013 event on the website and Facebook page:

62-year-old speedster Shirley Loftus-Charley, 1996 Olympic gold medalist Ashley Whitney, U.S. Masters Swimming record holder Jenny von Jouanne, one of the world’s most prolific marathon swimmers Barbara Held, Swim the Suck champions Jim Dugan (2013), Victoria Rian (2012), Jason Howard (2012), Karah Nazor (2010), 16-year-old Sierra Kinworthy from Alaska, London resident Sigrid Stangl, Toronto’s Gary Labine, Maryland’s Franco Prezioso, Atlanta’s Jack McAfee, Atlanta, 12-time NCAA All-American Andrew Davidson, California triathlete Terry Loftus, Virginia’s Craig Charley, synchronized swimmer Meaghan Suhich, marathon swimmer Hallie McFadden, marathoner Tim Linthicum, Alcatraz expert Bonnie Brown, Ironman triathlete Jennifer Smith, California marathon swimmer Ali Hall, local marathoner Jamie Anne Phillips, 4-time Swim the Sucker Tim McAfee, triathlete Daniel Loveless, COWS member Annie Loveless, local COWS Ben Sollman, Mississippi’s Randall Beets, Mississippi’s Zane Hodge, Tennessee’s Anne Wanner, triathlete Jeffrey Cross, Ironman Debbie Pfledderer, Ironman Debra Hanson, hiker-swimmer Emily Sutterfield, Maine’s John Gale, triathlete Allison Ware, Curt Zacharias, 2-time Swim the Sucker Jason Bonander, New Hampshire’s Sean Carter, Virginia’s Mac Cauley, Texas’ Patty Hermann, marathon swimmer John Brackett, marathon swimmer Jan Johnson, Ironman Grady Hough, sprinter Laurie Speed-Dalton, marathoning physician Courtney Roberts, triathlete Curt Elverd, marathoner David Landry, marathon swimmer Amy Frick, Florida’s Richard Schoenborn, multi-sport athlete Andrew Fuhrer, marathon swimmer Amy King, marathon swimmer Greg Wellman, multi-sport athlete Jacquie Winters, marathon swimmer Tina Oaks, Ironman Craig Stimpert, Ironman Mary Beth Brown, open water swimmer Michael Kelischek, English Channel swimmer Andrew Roberts, multi-sport athlete Ned Jones, marathon swimmer John Hobson, Indiana’s Bob Dickson, Ironman Eric Broyles, Georgia’s Bill Bond, Alabama’s Patrick Rutledge, triathlete Ted Mach, California’s David Connors, triathlete Greg Kahwaji, swimmer Marti Erickson, marathon swimmer Paula Yankauskas, marathon swimmer Devon Clifford, Washington D.C.’s Stephanie Kramer, marathon swimmer Brian Noble, Ironman Martin Spees, marathon swimmer Mark Spratt, and marathoner Lisa Zedonis.

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