Kate Shoots As Kim Swims

Kate Shoots As Kim Swims

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kate Webber is an American photographer who was a member of the first attempt at a two-way Farallon Islands relay.

In her dryland life, she is a photographer who captures simple beauty and layered moments in her artistry. “More and more – though not exclusively – my typical choice is to seek these out near or in the water whenever possible. Many of these afford me the opportunity to connect with others…and even with myself…either in that creative moment or in the sharing of its visual expression. The resulting energy propels the process.”

Webber is also the director and producer of KIM SWIMS, a film which examines the cyclical force and depth of both the human spirit and water, each relative to the other. It is told through the story of Kim Chambers and her improbable, astonishing path to becoming one of the most adventurous and accomplished open water endurance swimmers in the world.

Kate Webber photography is here, one of which is shown above with Kim Chambers swimming towards the Farallons.

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