Kate Steels, Ice Swimming Hall Of Fame Honor Swimmer

Kate Steels, Ice Swimming Hall Of Fame Honor Swimmer

Kate Steels, Ice Swimming Hall Of Fame Honor Swimmer

Courtesy of Ned Denison, Ice Swimming Hall of Fame.

Kate Steels makes swimming in the Ice appear so effortless and she has an incredible willingness to support and mentor so many others – while traveling the world and serving as a global ambassador of the sport – and swimming anywhere and presenting the sport to the International Olympic Committee and FINA,” says Steven Munatones.

Steels says, “I love to swim wherever I can – in the sea, rivers, lakes and swimming masters in the pool, in the UK and abroad. I enjoy open water swimming all year round. The buzz I get from ice swimming is amazing, and in the summer I really enjoy long distance and endurance swimming together with a variety of competitions and events. The camaraderie and friendship amongst the open water and ice swimming community is second to none.”

Steels was announced as an Honor Swimmer by the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame in its Class of 2020, selected by representatives from the world of winter swimming, ice swimming, and open water swimming including Paolo Chiarino of Italy, Ned Denison of Ireland, Elaine K Howley of the USA, Pádraig Mallon of Ireland, Leszek Naziemiec of Poland, Kieron Palframan of South Africa, Shelley Taylor-Smith of Australia, and Jonty Warneken of the UK.

Ned Denison explains, “The objective of the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor leading ice and winter swimmers and contributors to the sport of cold water swimming – and Kate is one of the toughest and most skilled ice swimmers in the world. Her contributions to the sport are unprecedented.”

International Ice Swimming Association founder Ram Barkai confirmed her achievements – to date, because it is inevitable that she will continue adding to her legacy:

Certified Ice Miles:
· 8 Ice Miles including 5 Ice Miles and a Zero Ice Mile counting towards achieving Ice Sevens:
#1 on January 31st 2015 in Andark Lake, Southampton, UK in 3.9°C water, 1.03 miles in 32:50
#2 on December 3rd 2016 in Andark Lake, UK in 4.8°C water, 1.00 mile in 31:38
#3 on March 4th 2017 in Mikkelvik Brygge (fjord), Norway in 2.37°C water, 1.06 miles in 33:16
#4 on December 15th 2017 in Lac Aguelmame Sidi Ali, Africa in 3.83°C water, 1.13 miles in 35:00 at 2,100m altitude
#5 on December 24th 2017 in South Lake, Shuangyashan, China in 0.90°C water, -12.60°C air, 1.01 miles in 35:05 (Zero Ice Mile)
#6 on March 3rd 2018 in Lee-On-Solent, Hampshire, UK in 3.07°C water, 1.06 miles in 33:04
#7 on April 21st 2019 in Lake Simcoe, Beaverton, Canada in 4.13°C water, 1.00 mile in 31:42
#8 on August 31st 2019 in Lake Lyndon, New Zealand in 3.93°C water, 1.05 miles in 31:57

Recorded Ice Kilometer Races with podium finishes
· March 2015 IISA 1st World Championships Age Group Record
· February 2016 IISA Great Britain Championships
· February 2016 Easton Ice Kilometer race
· January 2017 IISA 2nd World Championships Ice Kilometer race
· February 2017 Great Britain Ice Swimming Championships and Ice Cup 1 km race plus shorter races
· February 2018 International Ice Swimming Association Great Britain Championships 1 km races plus shorter races
· March 2019 IISA 3rd World Championships Ice Kilometer race

International Winter Swimming Association events with podium finishes
· Multiple IWSA events

Other Considerations
· Marathon swims including 2014 solo Lake Zurich, 2016 English Channel and 2018 20 Bridges Manhattan Island
· 2014 Jinan Festival of Springs Competition in China
· 2014 Ice swimming in Harbin in northeast China
· 2017 part of expedition swimming within Arctic Circle in Norway
· International Ice Swimming Association Great Britain Chairperson for several years
· Secretary to International Ice Swimming Association Global board of directors
· Represented International Ice Swimming Association at meetings in Switzerland with FINA and the IOC
· Established and organizes cold water swimming club at Andark Lake, Hampshire, Great Britain

Cobell joins the following members of the Class of 2020 in the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame:

* Jackie Cobell of Great Britain, Honor Swimmer
* Fergal Somerville of Ireland, Honor Contributor – Administrator
* Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria, Honor Swimmer
* Christof Wandratsch of Germany, Honor Swimmer
* Antarctic Circle Challenge of South Africa, Honor Event
* Murmansk Winter Swimming of Russia, Honor Event

The Class of 2020 joins the following swimmers and contributors from the inaugural Class of 2019:

* Honor Swimmer and Honor Contributor – Administrator Ram Barkai of South Africa
* Honor Swimmer Aleksander Brylin of Russia
* Honor Swimmer Henri Kaarma of Estonia
* Honor Swimmer Jaimie Monahan of the USA
* Honor Swimmer Lewis Pugh of Great Britain
* Honor Contributor – Administrator Mariia Yrjö-Koskinen of Finland
* Honor Event Bering Strait Relay with individuals from 23 countries
* Honor Contributor – Media Steven Muñatones of the USA

For more information, photos and detailed biographies for the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame honorees and contributors of the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020, visit www.IceSwimmingHallOfFame.com.

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